What We Do

Research & Development

  • Our hybrid seed deliver reliable high yielding and disease resistant crops.
  • They are the result of committed and sustained plant breeding and research.
  • Broad, globally sourced germplasm base.
  • Dedicated group of scientists for individual crops.
  • Innovation through latest scientific tools.
  • Extensive product evaluation for performance and stability.

Supply Chain

We implement the highest quality standards throughout the seed production process to assure timely and adequate supply to the market.

  • State of art seed conditioning plant.
  • Continuous quality control.
  • Dedicated drying and conditioning for parent seed.
  • Outstanding warehousing and significant cold storage

Marketing & Sales

  • Market intelligence – Hytech vs Competition.
  • Market leadership – First in the market.
  • Customer Profiling – Continuously remain in touch.
  • Sales Promotion – Timely product launching.
  • Staff mobilization and encouragement.
  • Monitoring dealer points for stock movement.
  • Post sales services.
  • Exploring new markets in Africa and Middle East.