Who We Are

What makes us special

The Company

Founded in 1993, Misr Hytech is a research based market driven seed business that develops, produces and markets hybrid seeds of White Corn, Yellow Corn, Grain and Fodder Sorghum, Sweet Corn, and Vegetables in Egypt. The Company is headquartered in Cairo, with local R&D and state-of-the-art seed handling and conditioning facilities.The Company provides farmers with high-performing seeds that are adapted to the Egyptian market, leveraging its well-known brand, “Hytech”. Misr Hytech’s products contribute to addressing Egypt’s fast-growing demand for food and animal feed, whilst improving food security by enhancing domestic farming productivity.

Misr Hytech has a strong portfolio of proprietary germplasm across key crops in Africa and the Middle East, which will be used to support the Company’s expansion across the continent. Corn is a core crop in Egypt and one of the most widely consumed across Africa, used for both animal feed and human consumption. White corn is uniquely prominent in Africa, Mexico, and Central America with few companies owning strong white corn breeding materials. Sorghum is also a strategic crop in Africa and an increasingly important crop in the Middle East and Asian markets such as India; its resilience and drought-tolerant properties enable the grain to grow in difficult environments, making it an important crop for use in the food, fodder, and brewing industries.


Serving farmers with high-yielding seed.

Core Values

  • Integrity: honesty and consistency in character, action, and attitude.
  • Excellence: supporting and maintaining a culture of innovative thinking and creative collaboration
  • Professionalism:promoting and practicing the highest standards in our behavior and our work.
  • Optimism: positive and hopeful intentions and continued growth and learning


  • For our CUSTOMERS: high-quality, plant-derived products and better cultivation techniques as a result of our innovative research in classical and molecular crop genetics.
  • For our EMPLOYEES: a supportive, respectful, and collaborative working environment with continuous learning and the freedom to take bold initiative.
  • For our SHAREHOLDERS: our commitment to sustained growth of the business on our path toward becoming a dominant player in the seed sector, while maintaining the highest ethical standards in keeping with our core values.